Rail Tie Wind Project

ConnectGen is developing a 504 megawatt wind power project in southeastern Albany County.  The project will be located on private and state lands near Highway 287 outside of Tie Siding and is anticipated to begin operations by the end of 2026. The Rail Tie Wind Project represents a total capital investment of more than $500 million and once operational will provide additional tax revenues for local schools, the County General Fund, and Special Districts, which will total millions of dollars over the life of the project.

For information and updates on the Western Area Power Administration’s Record of Decision for the Rail Tie Wind Project, please click here.

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Why Albany County?

ConnectGen has identified Albany County as an ideal location for wind development. The Project will tap into Albany County’s incredible wind resource, which is one of the strongest in the western United States. Additionally, the Project will use the existing transmission system in Albany County and will not require the construction of a new transmission line. Albany County is already home to several operational wind projects, and the Rail Tie Wind Project will further strengthen the County’s growing wind energy industry.

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Economic Benefits

Wind power pumps billions of dollars into the country’s economy every year, particularly in rural areas where wind farms are located. The Rail Tie Wind Project will bring economic development to Albany County by creating new jobs and providing additional long-term tax revenues. Furthermore, the project will provide annual lease payments to the participating landowners. These payments will help private landowners continue their family’s ranching traditions, and the payments to the Office of State Lands and Investments will support Wyoming’s public schools.

Providing Tax Revenues

The Rail Tie Wind Project will contribute significant tax revenues during construction and throughout the life of the operating wind project. The portion of these revenues to be received by Wyoming and Albany County are summarized below.

Notably, the project’s construction is estimated to contribute $14.6 million in sales and use tax to Albany County, which would be equal to nearly 80% of the total sales and use tax revenues distributed to Albany County in 2018.

Rail Tie Wind Project Tax Revenues Paid to State and County*
Sales & Use Tax
(Construction, One-Time)
Sales & Use Tax
(Operations, Avg Annual)
Excise Tax on Wind Generation
Property Tax
(Avg Annual)
Total Tax Revenues over Project Life
Total$27 million$0.5 million$2.0 million$1.94 million$176 million
State of Wyoming$12.4 million$0.2 million$0.8 million$45 million
Albany County$14.6 million$0.3 million$1.2 million$1.94 million$131 million

For a detailed breakdown of the Rail Tie Wind Project revenue calculations, please click here.

About ConnectGen

ConnectGen develops, builds and operates utility-scale renewable energy and energy storage projects across the United States.

With a portfolio of over 20,000 MW of wind, solar, and storage projects under development across the United States, ConnectGen’s experienced team has a track record of successfully identifying, developing, and building renewable energy projects. Our project successes are built on a foundation of rigorous screening and site selection, collaborative engagement with landowners and host communities, and disciplined execution through development, construction and operations.

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